Article review


 Daily life through history

The provided article covers the major aspects of daily life for the golden age to the modern era through the use of pictures, enduring questions and definitions. As such, there are some aspects of life, which are carried from one generation to the other. This article bears it strength from the way it conveys idea to the reader; it is objective to provide reliable information. However, the same article fails to present some the adjustments people have gone through. Thus, the article spindles around cognitive theory as learnt from class. The theory suggests that one needs to think in order to learn. Thus, the brain co-ordinates the entire process. Personally, I agree with the theory based on the fact that one relies on the brain to interpreted information.


 Education research complete

 The provided article emphasizes that knowledge acquisition is a continuous process that requires on interact with surrounding if not other people. More tributes have been laid to portray the influence of environment in shaping one’s abilities. As such, the article presents social learning theory where one needs to interact with things in order to learn. The article has strength from the way it justifies arguments. However, the article fails to present some of the research programs done with reference to education. to some considerable degree, the article have much magnitude if it had incorporated the idea discussed with pictures.

 Teacher response center

  The provided article suggests that human being do respond to stimuli. As a result, all behavior is explained without the need to consider one’s mental states. The article strength relies on providing an overview that assumes a learner is essentially passive; he or she needs to respond to stimuli. Despite this, the article fails to give an account of how it can be applicable to learning. To my opinion, the article would have emphasized on how teacher should set conductive learning environment.