Bollywood impacts on American


 Bollywood is a phrase used to refer to Indian film industry based in Mumbai. It produces films in several languages, and it is one of the largest film industries in India and the world. It provide work for a big number of the populace and generates the highest number of films yearly compared to Hollywood. Its films are very sensational, dramatic and very colorful. The relationship between Bollywood and Hollywood has been there for a long time. Early Indian movies used to record in overseas but nowadays these trends have expanded to include collaborations in creating the storyline, finances, and technology. Although India releases more movies than Hollywood does, the American movies are still the largest source of revenue in the world.

Over the years, the Indian film industry and the American film industries have influenced each other in a variety of ways. For instance, Bollywood has had a significant impact on American culture due to its unique traditional gestures, dancing styles, clothing, and cinematography. Many Americans have adopted the makeup and other cosmetics used together with their style. It has slightly but unbelievably affected the American society. The most visible feature is the fusion of songs and dance in various TV shows and films. It came about due to its connection to the widely practiced Indian culture. Bollywood has over time improved due to the advancement in film formats. The musicals in the Indian movies have had a significant impact on the American musical genre.

 Bollywood has influenced both TV shows and films in the US. It has helped in the development of new cinematic techniques in Hollywood. This has been reflected in several shows that have been hosted in television stations. For instance, High School, Les Miserable, and other several films that have incorporated songs and dance in between the play.

 Apart from the movie industry, Bollywood has had a significant impact on song production and exercises. As indicated earlier, songs are an integral part in Indian films; In the US today, the same phenomena is being employed during activities. The concept is gaining popularity since it is seen as fun. The exercises combine rhythm and dance with the aim of increasing physical human activities. This is a complete manifestation of the Indian culture, and it is increasingly getting much attention. Furthermore, engaging in energetic dancing; an idea borrowed from Bollywood helps to minimize diabetes type 2. It has also helped foster unity among the members and brings them closer together. The members also enjoy dancing, meeting and making new friends and above all, they improve their health all thanks to Bollywood influence.

 Distinct fashion and clothes that have encompassed Bollywood style are nowadays coming up. The use of Indian cultural artifacts, earrings, various costumes and fashion trends are increasingly gaining popularity. They are being adopted by the leading fashion brands in the US which show that the effect has quite been significant. The influence of Indian movies on the American fashion industry has been manifested in movies such as the Star Wars and Jupiter Rising. In the two movies, the influence of Bollywood in the American culture is very evident. In the two films, the actresses wear saris, and other artifacts that originate from India have also been shown mainly in the two films. Bollywood has also influenced the American makeup and cosmetics industry. The Americans have assimilated the aspects of their brands into their own and nowadays some Americans dress up and even wear jewels that are familiar to the Indians.

 The present day video games development has embraced Indian’s cultural strapping. For instance; “Mass Effect” one of the best plays ever developed has a character that has every resemblance to the aspects depicted in Indian movies. The Indian culture greatly influences her clothing and the way of speaking. The influence of Bollywood on American culture was quite evident when many countries were experiencing a financial crisis, and the Indian producers came out to help save the American film industry from falling apart. During the production of the American movies by the Indian farmers many aspects were changed to incorporate the Bollywood style.

 Indian films have influenced the way Americans view Romance. In the Indian films, romance is depicted in the mode of dressing and the behavior of the actors and the actresses. Many Americans have borrowed the cultural aspects that guide Romantic relationships. Most of them use the decorations and the makeup used by the Indian brides and grooms. For instance, they apply unique makeup in their feet and hands to show that they are the owners of particular parties and the rite of passages they are crossing at that particular time.

 Indian movies have transformed the way Americans dress. Nowadays some Americans put on the Saris that are typical of the Indian culture. Most Indian actors put on Saris in the movies and to some people these saris look beautiful, and they tend also to try them. This trend clearly indicates how Americans are changing their cultures to accommodate the cultural trends from the Indians. The Indian film industry has therefore greatly influenced the American culture in many ways.