Those of whom whose childhood memories drifts back years or decades ago, the name Walt Disney comes with it the nostalgic awesomeness and calmness of the American virtue. Way back the days of its earliest movies “Fantasia”, the “mickey mouse club “and Disney’s famous theme park, the company has made its name from packaging good feelings within safe environment where even threats are well accommodated and contained. Disney’s marketing and public relation strategies have made it maintain its fresh blossom even when the entertainment industries are at the peak of its turbulence/ turmoil. Disney therefore has made its customers always smiling and wanting to come back (Schickel, 19-20).


 Disney pulls through by using effective marketing strategies to boost its sales and customers morale. This essay discusses the marketing positioning, 4 marketing mix (Product, price, place and promotion), marketing strategies and pans, and public relation tools that Disney employs to realize its goals of effective provision of quality media products to its customers. Marketing mix is a kingdom of products, pocket friendly prices, satisfying services, distribution and promotions. It is a key marketing strategy that keeps any company at the peak. Disney uses product, price, place and promotion as different categories of marketing mix. It has different products ranging from movies to media networks, have prices categorically for adult, children, membership and group discounts (Schickel, 23-27). The company has branches from different places ranging from Los Angeles to Shang Hai and promotions like advertisements and highlights on their products. All these have made Disney stand at the top, for decades.

 Marketing positioning is a concept that unravels what a business ought to do to market its products and services. In positioning, the company’s marketing department comes up with images for products and services in line with target audience. This is done through the use of promotion, price, place and products. Disney is geared to opening a wide range of global media groups. It aims to expand its brand awareness, for example television business and films, jerking up investment in Disney Park and resort to have wider audience coverage and to cohort with its surrounding industries. Marketing plan is a comprehensive schematic which draws a sketch of an organization’s overall marketing efforts. Disney is destined to selling more to existing customers. The company also intends to spread its wings to meet global demand. It intends to open new park at Tokyo, Paris and Shang Hai (Wasko, 9-11). It also intends to embrace technology, hence throwing itself close to the clients’ which will make it stay on top of the game, globally.

 Public relations are a professional systematic and technical maintenance of required public image of any organization company or any individual. Disney will keep its fans coming back because there is something more to see as the “Lots of rides” is the happiest place on earth and Disney promises to maintain this by making sure that there is something else to notice (Wasko, 20-23). Fancy queuing areas for rides sporadic arts by Mary Poppins or Alice and the Mad Hatter at various times of the day, jingle cruise at night, holyday theming and more fireworks that will keep the beautiful image of Disney for years, only time will be limited.


 Disney invests a lot in research and development from peer to peer marketing to web marketing. They have got the manpower to wittingly monopolize entertainment market if they want to. The company is founded on awesome values and sincere dogmas and tenets which speaks volume of their superb customer service and reputation. Keeping at heart excellent business ethics, is what has maintained their lucrativeness despite time. Disney land is Disneyland is all about superb marketing, branding and it keeps everything similar whether you go to California or Tokyo it will ever remain great.