Preparing students for college life


 When a person graduates from high school, it brings a new kind of freedom and accomplishment. Soon enough, they enroll into college and they are faced with new environments that expose them to many possibilities. The main question is whether or not high school prepared a person for college. In this paper, I will explore my personal experiences and those of others to explain how high school prepares students for college. The process of transitioning into college is an important change in life (Brooks, 23). It determines the career paths in life and even the kind of life in future. In this paper, the thesis statement is: high school is effective in preparing students for college.

  The first and main area that high school prepares students is academic life. During high school years, teachers are always at constant watch on the academic progress of their students. For examples, while I was in high school, my teachers used to be very keen on my grades and whenever, there was some indication of poor performance they could call me and advise me. From this experience, I was able to learn that my academics are extremely important and that I should be very keen on how I perform in my subjects. In essence, high school was instilling a culture of seriousness in academics. On the other hand, college is a place of academic excellence and it requires self-discipline and intrinsic motivation. The attitudes towards academics that I gained in high school are valuable in giving me direction while I study in college.

 There is a change in social life after graduating from the high school level to college life. There is a great deal of uncertainty that student face once they join college. In high school, students have many aspects of their lives still under the control of their parents and teachers. However, when students move into college, they have total freedom to control almost all aspects of their lives. Once in college, high school life becomes a past issue that was used to prepare one for the college life ahead (Gebhard, 56). The social life in high school is still limited because sometimes parents do not approve some friends and could deny their children from going to parties especially at night. However, in college, all the students are considered to be adults and can do whatever they feel like and accept the consequences. All the students are expected to act responsibly but no none really watches over their social life. While I was in high school, I used to have many friends but my parents were very strict and did not allow me to hang out with some of the friends since they considered them as bad influence. However, when I joined college, I was free to choose my friends and hang out with them. Besides, high school taught me how to choose friends responsibly.

College is the stepping stone to a career and life that one wishes to have. While I was in high school, my school had a weekly lesson called life skills. In this lesson, the teacher would talk about the necessary skill we may need after we graduate high school. Most of the skills were how to behave and act as an independent individual with responsibility and awareness of the world around us. These lessons aided in preparing us for the real world out of school. High school is a vital time when one begins to make an inventory of life’s experiences, personal weaknesses, aspirations and strengths and begin to think critically about life. While in high school, the life skills that we learned have been extremely valuable in forming the basis of personal principles and values that are valuable in a successful college life. In high school, students are guided by the career masters to carry out research that is scholarly related to the interests of the career when wants to undertake (McKinney, 83). Most of the time I spent in high school outside academics was to contemplate on the careers options that were available after high school. There are career counselors in high schools and during our time there, we were advised to choose the career paths depending on our interests and abilities. In college many decisions require students to consider their interests and abilities in order to be successful.

 Apart from the career choices, high school was a great place to nurture our talents as students. There were sports, and other co-curricular activities that were meant to nurture our talents outside academics. However, we were restricted and had to choose one activity or another. College also has such activities and sports that students engage in and participate to develop talents, but there are no restrictions (Nash, 92). While we were required to participate in one at least one activity in high school, college has no obligations. However, from the experience in high school, sports and other talents are important and some of my classmates were extremely talented and got scholarship to study in college because of their skills and talents outside academics. This demonstrates the passion, commitment and leadership of the students which will be applied while in college. The talents and skills through sports and other co-curricular activities also add fun and balance to the academic schedule which can at times be challenging to the students (Nilson, 102). Finally, High schools should organize visits to colleges that help the students to be able to identify a college of their choice depending on the career path they want to undertake (Wolf, 37)