Race and Gender Advancement in Social Media


 America being a superpower, does not only display its advancement in scientific discoveries but also social and gender advancement. Dating back in 1840, Harper, an author and social analyst states that, a walk for equal rights for all citizens could only be cropped up to the benefit of social and cross-gender development. Women acknowledged that their civil rights had been denied, which led to an upsurge of campaigns and demonstration. They were fighting for legal rights to own property, pursue higher education, venture in the scientific world, and retain custody of children after divorce among others. Timely in the year 1960, the civil war association had paraded much influence and swept U.S in the storm. Womenfolk transformed unruly in the complaint of this discrimination majorly in the political arena and promotion of jobs. Some people said it was the time for women to rise above the sand and take center stage in social development. Through continuously tireless struggle the single-handed fight has continued to date. However, at present, issues seem to be changing but still somehow the same.


 According to Mark Agar in his argument for doubled wedged war against gender favoritism, social gender seem to be disagreeing with the social arrangement of the society (Agars Mark 26). As our society dictates, there are several struggles in having the female gender raised above the general limits as it stands. However, there is also a self-denial factor that denies them the same opportunity they struggle to achieve. This has led to the drive to social media to have the women raised above the social ladder. This fight in itself is self-defeating. Some scholars argue that women themselves have failed to create a space for themselves. They have that they have become dependent on other social media to create an avenue for their social growth. This is relentless status quo that continues to live in the social structures.

 However, they were curtailed by lack of a good network to stage their rights. (Hooks 36) States that they wanted to stage a world fight against gender discrimination. Unbreakable in spirit, women continued to front their pledges in America. This led to the emergence of political heat since this was becoming a major problem and many theories including feminist theory.

 Feminist theory is apprehensive with assigning power of speech to women and emphasizing various ways women have backed society. Four integral parts try to bring out this theory. They comprise gender variances, gender disparity, gender subjugation and operational repression. In gender variance, it brings out that women are being marginalized on the division of labor in the house, ownership of property and denial of decision-making rights. Further, in male chauvinistic societies women have been perceived as objects, not as a human.

 Gender disparity stipulates that an imbalance exists in opportunities and practice staged to women. According to open-minded feminists, women have been ostracized from the political realm and are expected to mind their household business. Let alone that even when they make decisions, the decisions are not final. (Agars 64) shows that statistics displays married women experience a lot of mental problems and eventually succumb to death as a result of stress in contrast to married women.

 Married women are tied with responsibilities to make their selves acceptable to fellow men that castigate their problems. Besides, the theory brings out gender oppression in our society. It states that men have taken advantage of the social placing of women as an object giving them right to intricate any atrocities to women. Sexual abuse is a major issue that clearly brings out gender oppression not forgetting submission and subordination to men. The feminist theory continues stating that if only women establish unity and harmony, this image would be brought out from the society.

 Lastly, on structural oppression, it is based on racism and Marxist thinking. Womenfolk are marginalized not only on gender foundation but also in color and class. (Rudy 52) Possess a good example that white women are subjected to different methods of oppression in contrast to black women. In both cases, discrimination is vocal but at a different standpoint. This feminist theory through light on another theory sought to address the plight of a woman called the gender theory. This theory tries to express placing of a woman in society. It stipulates that gender imbalance crop up from stereotypes that intentionally discriminate against women. This has curtailed women from exploiting their full potential in the reasoning and discoveries.

 However, another major crisis came up from race discrimination where people were placed according to color. With the shipment of Africans to America as a slave, gave birth to racism. This precipitated a struggle for their rights led to movements against it. In his life, Martin Luther King was relentless in the struggle against race discrimination. Despite amid efforts of U.S government to muffle these campaigns through torture and persecution victory was finally imminent. Unity in conjunction with networking played a vital part in the accomplishment of this victory.

 Black Americans reserved rights to own property and laws covered each and every citizen. (Harper 23) States that exploitation of blacks was eminent and visible. Torture and heavy work were subjected to Africans, who were regarded as subjects of white man’s orders. Karl Marx in Marxism theory pointed out this form of discernment.

 Since the economic system was directed by two broad classes of people, working class and capitalist class. The capitalist class (whites) controlled methods of economic production and reaped off the profits through utilization of labor force from working class (blacks) which was a clear indication of racism.

 The sociologist in 2000 staged a war against this mode of oppression which was fruitful since the government paid attention to their incessant cries. The mass media facilitated this outreach of the message to the government, however, the whites dominated it.

 Today this backdated oppression against gender and race has been buried in history pages. Women have been granted equal rights in social institutions and political arena. A majority of media houses have their newscast anchors and presenters being women. Not only are women but black womenfolk to be precise. They have continued doing wonders and even better than their male competitors.

 Initially, women who are involved in social media could only be featured in the news but not as news anchors and presenters. Selections of programs and cinemas have continued featuring women with their roles in the programs being acceptable.

 It is evident even in science world women have gone boundless. For example, Aleksandra Mir went ahead to make exploration to the moon that was a clear indication of advancement of gender. Many shows have cropped up appreciating blacks Americans including the black entertainment program that features black musicians.

 Women have continued appreciating career opportunities including law where we have the jury consisting of women in majority, medicine field where women have continued pursuing medicine and becoming nurses, education in which women have started owning up big offices and becoming professors. Also in religion where majority of women with time are becoming priests and leader in apostolic.

 Mass media have played and progressively will continue to change the inborn negative perception of Africans. Journalists have continued to focus on racially related stories so that justice can prevail towards the responsible. Head of the U.s, Barrack Obama, is a perfect example of reforms in the American perception. A majority of black Americans have shunned and brought glory to the nation in sporting activities. Women have not been left out to participate in these activities that initially were considered to be oriented for men.

 Contemporary social theories have assisted and helped to facilitate changes in America towards better living strategies. Society has appreciated key factors the women contribute to the economy. Empowerment groups have been formed in the social networks including Facebook and twitter for uniting are female together. Call centers have been established seeking help from domestic violence in defense of women welfare. Organizations have been formed in mass Medias to support other fellow women at large globally.

 These theories have continued administering and exercising pledges from women. Through abolishment of the slave trade, refrain from women and race discrimination have continued ranking America leading in the world.it has also set an example for other nations to copy from.