The Outside of Class Speaker Evaluation Paper


 Our school’s games instructor is one central figure in the games department and school at large. As an experienced practitioner, he has been on the urge to encourage students to engage in sporting activities not just as a co-curriculum activity but as a modern profession. It was until last Friday after afternoon classes that I encountered him talking to a group of alien and new students at the basketball pitch about the importance of sports in our academics and lives. This was the pre-annual introduction talks to sporting activities and leisure management. The event was merely not that formal but an introduction to the pre-annual meeting was due to take place in the next sports day. Occasionally we have had sports days dominated by alien students with only few new students making it participate in the activities. It was on this that senior sports instructor saw it better to have a talk to the students who were already out of class about their enrolment for sports classes. As a speaker, the instructor moderates his audience, who were students but gave them room to participate in the discussion. At some point, it was almost a fifty-fifty discussion where the speaker placed himself at the level of students. As his culture and traits are, he so interactive that every student particularly the new ones felt at peace to say anything and asked all manner of questions they wanted to. The short meeting ended up in a joyful mood with every student and convinced and felt the urge to join sports classes.

 The speaker managed to make a good impression of himself and what he was talking about. I try to think that because of him also being a counsellor, he had the capacity to impress everyone at his/her discretion and point of concern. That looks funny but imagine a situation where one person talking to a big crowd with different concerns achieves to answerable to all their questions and concerned, explained and unexplained. I realized the speaker was speaking so closely to the audience in that each felt he/she was being addressed as one person. On the other hand, he incorporated everyone in the talk thereby making every student present there feel at home and with ease. He also interacted freely during the talk by blending to the studentsway of talking which made look so cool. Physically, he was and has always been neat and engaging. During the talk, this technique gave room for an interactive conversation between him and the students. Everyone felt free to ask all questions of concern about sports. He also recognized the factor that every student is important and a participator in the talk thereby attracting all the likes that students have for him. The instructor, therefore, enjoyed enormous support and favor from the students.

 However, even though the presentation was good by him taking his time to convince students about the importance of joining sports classes, there is still things that he ought to have improved on. One such issue to improve in his future presentation is being gender sensitive. Through his talk, he kept on referring to everyone as guys. Even though such a term as being used in social life to refer to both men and ladies, he would have made it clear amidst his conversation by recognizing girls and boys separately in the talk. This is since his are of presentation, sports, is already dominated by men and if he kept mentioning guys then some girls in the meeting felt alienated and others even walked away. There is also the essence of cultural diversity that is crucial in a public institution like a school. Technically, some sports in school are also pre-culture and he ought to have given more time to people outside the rich of such cultures such as the international students. Otherwise, with these issues looked into, the sports instructor will always remain a good speaker.