The Practice of Culture Jamming


 Culture jam is a revolutionary attempt by anti-consumerist movements in the society to expose how the media has dominated the society culturally. The groups perpetuating culture jamming believe that the mass media industry is exercising capitalism on the society. Anti-consumerist movements endeavor to Bridge such an unfair culture by using the same mass media to pass information to the public about their concerns. They do this by rebranding logos in the mass media to pass their own information. This usually sparks a lot of attention from the masses. The sight of a rebranded logo is familiar to many people and raises a lot of debate concerning the information contained. Therefore, it acts as a wakeup call for the public to rethink on their culture and beliefs.


 A fashion statement is another means used to pass information to the masses. Branded clothes like t -shirts are produced. The images of people wearing these T-shirts are then put up in mass media. This acts as an effective way of passing information because many people are able to read the writings on the clothes. This sparks some rethinking attitude on the general masses.

 Product images are used to convey the message of the groups. For example, an image of a soda can be rewritten with the intended message and laid on a bill board. This acts as an eye grasper to many due to their familiarity with the soda. This method was efficient in conveyance off messages. The messages conveyed are aimed at challenging the masses to rethinking about their perception of what is important, cool or fancy to them. The engagement of mass media to produce comic and satirical information about itself attracts the attention of many people


 Culture jammers are usually inspired by the burden. As a result, they feel to change the dominion of the mass media in manipulating people. The mass media usually presents products in a desirable manner to the consumers. This makes people crave for the commodity and buy it. This approach is used by a group of the privileged in the society to enrich themselves. They produce goods and advertise them in the mass media, hence bringing out the notion of capitalism. This creates a widened gap between the wealthy class and the middle and the lower classes in the country.

 Culture jammers focus on eradicating the established ideologies of the masses by rethinking about what they truly need. They endeavor to change the interpellation of the people to enable them be free minded. This helps people to stop being fanatics of any information provided in the mass media. Culture jammers literally try to change the mindset of the society.


 Indeed, efforts of culture jamming pay off. They have helped to revolutionize the mindset of the society. They awaken the people to rethink about the current system of socio-economics. The cultural jammers also protect the people against capitalism and reduce the effect of control of masses by the wealthy through the mass media.

 However, the activities of culture jamming have led to the arrest of the activists. For example, a culture jammer can be arrested for rewriting the brand name of a major company. This is associated with serious penalties like paying huge fines due to violating copyright terms and conditions.

 The issues addressed by culture jammers are very important because they have revolutionized the way the society thinks. Additionally, cultural jammers are a voice to the minority in the society who are suffering in the hands of the high class. This is because; they raise issues that many people have no capacity to address in the society.