Unhealthy Eating Habits


 Credibility in research has to be attained by fulfillment of certain prerequisites established by the state. The institution set to ensure that research follows state law and procedures to protect human and animal rights is the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Seeking approval from IRB can be a stringent process depending on the nature of risk involved during the research. A study that involves acquiring information and feedback from a population that is physically sound without health conditions such as psychiatric cases could be approved easily compared to normal students or working people. Another case of approval will depend of how sensitive data will be collected, stored, retrieved and destroyed. Therefore, the research will focus on ensuring that data collected from normal healthy research subjects is collected, stored and destroyed according to IRB laid down procedures (Allensworth, 2010). Thus, the values and rights of the research subjects will be preserved.


 The limitation of the study in this research is the generalization of the subjects of study. The researcher has already pre-selected a sample of study randomly without considering key elements like historical health background, age differences and other factors usually considered to narrow down the research process. Thus, the results of the study could be un-linked directly to the factors predicted as the causes of obesity. Furthermore, there could be other underlying factors interwoven that trigger the problem under study. In addition, the interrelated factors within could contribute to the problem of obesity without considering the identified issues on the ground (Allensworth, 2010). Therefore, the study will be careful not to make generalized conclusions, but will consider other interrelated factors that could contribute to the problem.

 The implications of the study are broad in scope directly affecting the economy of the country. When the results point out that the developed and tested programs help alleviate obesity problem, then the resultant effect is reduced lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart failure which translates to more savings from health care budget. The money generated from the savings in the nation’s healthcare budget could be used for other productive course like economic development (Nichols et al., 2012). In addition, more lives will be saved thus improving the human labor within the nation