Top 5 Reasons to Learn Another Language

As our world becomes more and more globalized, learning another language other than our native one becomes more of necessity than a vanity.

Even if you’re not looking to work as an interpreter or a translator, being a fluent speaker of a foreign language can help you a lot in life.

Pushing the barriers of your mind to understand a new language will let you become much more proficient at perceiving and analyzing information. It will let you seize opportunities that would otherwise be out of your reach.

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Let’s consider these top 5 reasons to learn another language.

  1. Professional Advancement

It’s no secret that being proficient in foreign languages brings more professional success. Depending on what job you have, knowing a foreign language could warrant between a 2% and 40% (or even more) increase in pay.

Besides getting a higher salary, a foreign language makes you more desirable by a long shot. Just think about it. Being proficient in Asian languages (especially Chinese or Japanese) makes you even more competitive given the high demand of these.

Two equal accountants are looking for a position in a company, one can speak Japanese and the other can’t: who gets hired?

Languages bring out potential you didn’t even know you had before!

  1. Unbarred Communication

Nothing can beat meeting new places and faces.

Travelling to different parts of the world lets you catch a glimpse of the varied and diverse cultures, places, lifestyles, customs, and ancestries that dot our world.

When you go to a country whose language you don’t master you only get half the experience. You end up resorting to signs, noises, some words you managed to tell apart, and certain words from your language. Reading about landmarks, and having conversations is way out of your reach.

On the other hand, when you’re capable of speaking their language, you can order food, find places, have conversations and much more!

  1. Heightened Self-Improvement

A language is a collection of words, letters, definitions, and pronunciations, among other things. A language’s difficulty is relative to how similar it is to your own.

When you manage to master a language, you heighten your cognitive and analytical abilities thanks to the involvement of multiple mental exercises.

Individually speaking, learning a language takes a lot of will, attitude, and commitment; carrying your task to the end materializes in a better self-image, and that pushes us forward to stack accomplishments and results for our lives.

  1. Better Entertainment

Once again, thanks to the rapid globalization that our world is undergoing, we become more and more “globalists”.

This means that more of us are sharing or partaking in cultural activities that belong to cultures other than our own, and this is especially true when it comes to entertainment.

Many of us might be reading books, listening to music, watching movies/shows, playing video games, etc. that come from other countries.

This means we're either stuck with a lack of understanding, or with a translated version. Being proficient in the original language means we'd get a 1:1 version of what the author meant, rather than relying on the interpreted version.

  1. New Horizons

From new friends and significant others, from new traveling places to new job opportunities. Learning a foreign language unlocks the massive door between us and a whole new horizon filled with opportunities never available for us before.


Learning new skills is always wise, and knowing one or two foreign languages is a great advantage.

While you master another tongue, there are plenty of companies that offer you a way to solve your multilingual needs.