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EssayShark writing services

In the wide business of online composing organizations, stands apart as a result of its unique fees strategies. But before we get there, let’s first find out what else the company has to present.

The options included are made for college students of all degrees of education, beginning with high school and going up to doctoral degree. Needless to say, the services presented via a list that has now become standard: essays, research essays, term documents, theses and more following the same lines.

As usual, we approached this assess with a good number of groundwork. We investigated the company’s promises as a way to find out in the future where they take a position in real life, we read a variety of buyer feedback from unrelated blogs and, when we were positive this was not fraud or scam, we evaluated ourselves completely ready for the most major element. We ordered our own article, just like every student would. Here I will discuss our ideas with regards to the company.



Among the initial things we observed was that the web site was truly lacking in content material: no testimonials and free samples were to be identified.

An issue that drew our interest was a category called “Our top copywriters.” We supposed to discover some verifiable names and credentials, but all we found were online nicknames of what they declare to be their article writers, along with some statuses and numbers that are hard to believe and unlikely to confirm. If their authors certainly had a nearly best score after a large number of arranges, we think it is hard to understand why they wouldn’t give a sole document free sample to their name. Absolutely, it would weigh more than discovering an improbable range of 10/10 rankings.

Another thing that we’ve seen, both from the freelance writing category and from our purchase, was that their copywriters take on a silly quantity of topics. We can’t fairly recognize how the same person can have diplomas in math, biology, psychology, economics, chemistry and many others.


Price ranges

EssayShark prices are carried out an atypical way, by having you give features concerning your essay and then accepting offers from article authors. We found this procedure more time-consuming than a usual price levels list. Rates were typical for the industry.


Writing Grade

If the organization left us distrustful with regards to the copywriters’ quality, the article only presented to demonstrate us right. We saw a good number of issues with the penning, covering anything from very poor grammar to completely wrong term usage. We can solely deduce that the firm uses non-native English speakers that are way under what is marketed. We came across the similar complaints in user assessments found online as well.


User Support

User support was extremely improper, looking at the way it was merely accessible through email - way slower than direct conversation including telephone aid.


In closing

Bid 4 Papers leaves us with a bad impression, with costs being the only factor that manages to be typical. Our ranking is 2 out of 5 stars.

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